Toxic Partnerships and How They Mirror Ourselves

Divine Rising everyone, welcome back to 360 Speaks! Gratitude to all who take space to read these blogs. Extra gratitude to all who take something from these blogs to assist them and heal from whatever situation they may be going through. Today’s blog we will be discussing “Toxic partnerships and how they mirror ourselves”.

My Story

As always, I like to shine light into my life. I, Alexus, founder of 360 Healing and Wellness and 360 Speaks, do not discuss experiences that I have not been through myself. Recently, I ended a toxic partnership, it was hard like any tough decision in life, but it had to be done for my health. During our separation before officially ending the partnership, I had alone time to meditate, think about what it was that I wanted and did not want, and choose myself. As all partnerships, there are good and bad days. The bad days consisted of unhealthy manipulation, control, and negative talk. This partner experienced all of this from a previous partnership that they did not fully heal from. With this person not healing, they brought it into our partnership. I decided to choose my happiness and peace of mind over the toxicity that was being dealt to me. I decided that my health mentally, physically, and spiritually did not deserve the unhealthiness that I was allowing into my life and my space. I had to take time to come to the reality of my decision and put action behind it. It is one thing to say in your head that you are going to do something and another thing to do it.


There is an old saying “People mirror you”. This is a small and simple saying, but it has some truth to it. You receive the energy that you put out. When people, especially partners, come into our lives, they mirror the parts of ourselves that we do not see and need to heal from. This partnership that I was involved in was negative, manipulative, and controlling. When I realized this, I had to ask myself, “In what ways might I be manipulative, controlling, and negative?”. Please note that “mirroring” can be positive or negative; it depends on the energy that you are putting out, lessons you need to learn, and healing that needs to take place. After I did some introspection, it came to me like a light bulb in my head. For years before I started my healing journey, I was using my womb to be manipulative, controlling, and doing negative and spiteful things to get what I wanted. I would have sex, lead men on by teasing, controlling by making them do what I say, etc. What I was doing was abusing my womb in the most horrible ways. Causing havoc within my own life and these men's lives as well. I was subconsciously aware of the things I did, but consciously unaware. I had to stop, release, and heal from this self-destruction that I created within my temple and space. I have taken space for a few years and currently still am taking space, to heal from my past sexual experiences and sexual addiction that I had. I do feel that this recent awareness was the final key to healing my womb. Any women experiencing or working on healing from similar experience, I am here for you. Here to listen and assist you through your healing journey.

Healing I have learned the hard way that everyone is responsible for their own healing and that they also need to hold themselves accountable when they are on their healing journey. I am currently taking space for my own healing and remaining absent from sexual intercourse and activities. People do not realize how energy, especially sexual energy can exchange between each other so easily. If someone’s energy is not right, negative, toxic, etc. that same energy will disrupt your vibration and flow of energy. I ask that both men and women take space to heal when coming out of a toxic partnership or any partnership, because if not, they will continue to stay in a repeat cycle. Healing is not easy, but it is beneficial to your life. Not everyone knows how or even wants to take space to heal. Those particular people will remain stuck in their cycles until they heal, and that is on them. To all who read this blog, take space to heal! Do not stay in toxic or negative partnerships and do not continue to sacrifice your happiness and joy. Heal and release what no longer serves you and be whole and happy. I can tell you now that healing is a journey that many people do not enjoy taking. That is because healing can get lonely, depressing, overwhelming but it can also be relieving, refreshing, and blissful. If you have strength and resilience and know how to push through, then you will be alright. Continue to take it day by day, one step at a time on your journey. One thing I would like to point out is that healing is forever. Healing never stops because life is about lessons and learning. We will always learn new things and create new experiences. We will forever be releasing and healing from old beliefs and limiting thoughts. Every moment will be different and there will be ups and downs, but it will be okay. There are multiple ways you can heal; you can see a therapist or speak with someone you trust, dance, journal, sing, release activities, cry, laugh, workout, etc. Doing whatever you are comfortable with to release those emotions. When releasing negative energy, fill that space back up with positive energy. Never stop, keep going! Today, there are a lot of people on social media, including myself, that offer healing sessions to go deep within to assist you in peeling back those layers. Invest in yourself by healing.

I chant/pray daily that you all find the path to start your journey of healing. As well as releasing yourself from all toxic and negative partnerships. I pray God and your Ancestors lead you to find the light within yourself and others. Those that are interested in healing, you can book sessions listed on the 360 Healing and Wellness website. If you have any questions or need a listening ear, email me at I am here for you all. Love and Light!

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