Healing the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Energies

Divine Evening everyone! As always, thank you to those who take space to read and improve their lives based on this blog and further shadow work they do. Much love and light to you all. Today we are discussing “Healing the Divine Feminine Energy and the Divine Masculine Energy”.

What is the DF and DM?

You may ask yourself, what is Divine Feminine Energy (DF) and Divine Masculine Energy (DM). To sum it up nice and sweet, DF and DM are both opposite energies that are within us like yin and yang energies. Also, just like left is the opposite to right, you have a left (masculine/logical) brain and right (feminine/creative) brain. Everything has a balance within the Universe and this balance is within us. My favorite example is “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul”. Everyone, man, or woman has DF and DM energies…. period. However, not many men nor women use these energies in a balanced way. Everyone taps into this energy for the most part, but they tap into it in a negative and unbalanced way. This is what brings me to create today’s blog, to bring awareness to these energies so that we all can heal and balance these energies. Once we start to heal and balance these energies, then and only then will we become the best versions of ourselves.

Divine Feminine Energy (DF)

The Divine Feminine Energy is the right side of the brain, which is also creativity, emotions, dreams, imagination, etc. A wounded DF can continuously be trapped in “cycles”, have insecurities, low self-confidence, desperate for love and attention, no healthy boundaries, sacrificing self, manipulative and controlling, playing “victim”, lack of creativity, emotional or emotionally abusive, etc. These are things that I have experienced myself and seen all around me. This low vibrational energy was programmed in us generations ago, and now it is time to heal and let that go! A balanced and healthy DF is a woman who is sexy and confident in her own skin. Has boundaries, compassionate, caring, nurturing, feels and loves in positive ways. She’s also intuitive, creative, expresses her vulnerability in positive, loving ways, and authentic. Both men and women need to seriously work on healing and balancing out their DF energy. Why? DF energy is very powerful and can improve and uplift not only ourselves but the planet. Earth is ruled by DF energy! Right now, earth is ruled by a lot of unbalanced DM energy which is destroying the planet. We must come back to our balanced feminine side through caring, touch, feelings, love, vulnerability, etc. that connects us hue-mans back to who we truly are. We are loving beings of nature, of the universe!

Divine Masculine Energy (DM) We now move on to Divine Masculine Energy. Masculine energy is the left side of the brain and works with the logical, “serious”, and rational side of life. A wounded DM experiences “trapped/stuck in the mind”, aggressive, emotionally unavailable, distant, fight or flight mode, selfish, etc. Both men and women can experience wounded DM energy. As stated before, we all have both feminine and masculine energy within us. A balanced and healthy DM experiences being present and focused, grounded, honest and logical, powerful, stable, supportive, etc. Men and women, let us balance and tap into this energy in positive and loving ways.

How to balance the DF and DM?

Now what I am about to say, not many people will like it. The key to balancing these energies are healing, healing, and healing. On my journey of healing, I have become aware that some people do not like healing. They enjoy being stuck in low vibrational energy, and that’s them. Everyone should be responsible and accountable for their own healing. Those that chose not to heal, leave them where they are at. To heal your DF and DM you must do lots of shadow work. Shadow work is looking and learning the “darkest” or “ugliest” sides of you that you tell no one or a selected few. The shadow side is also pain and trauma that one has experienced. This is not easy work but being persistent, you can accomplish it. Learning and working with your shadow side will allow you to heal the conscious and subconscious mind, because that is where everything is centered at. Unbalance starts spiritually and mentally first before it shows up physically with health problems. Awareness and healing bring balance.

I will that today’s blog leads you to start healing your DF and DM not just for yourself but for the sake of the planet. More DF energy is needed within the world but balance of both is needed for you and future generations to come. I send love, light, and healing energy on your journey.

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